available rabbits

Objectives and Disclosures

One of my main goals when selling my rabbits is to consider precisely what a buyer is seeking. I strive to conform to my buyers' exact needs so that the rabbits they get will be the best suited to compliment and improve their herds. I select only the strongest in my stock to produce consistently high quality, healthy, and friendly rabbits. 


Because our rabbits are housed in a climate controlled building, we are able to breed year around. I welcome potential buyers to reserve or request certain kits at any time. I'm also more than happy to provide further information and photographs upon request for any sale rabbits.


Rabbits make absolutely amazing and fun pets. They provide a wonderful opportunity for children to learn responsibility and empathy. Rabbits are living beings, and require constant care and a lot of work to keep them thriving. A significant amount of pre-planning is required before getting a pet rabbit.


Please note, that I do not intentionally breed for pet rabbits. The purpose of my breeding program is to produce healthy, top quality show rabbits.  However, if you are looking for a pet rabbit, please let me know what you're looking for in particular, and I'll see if I can either find or hold onto something for you. Occasionally, I'll take in mini rex rescues and re-home them to pet homes. Please also keep in mind that I may deny a pet sale. 



And Reasons Why I May Deny Them

Reason Number One:  My responsibility as breeder.  As a breeder, it is my responsibility to produce and maintain rabbits with superior structure/conformation. Correct structures means the rabbits are physically healthy and are able to extend their bodies with full movement and complete comfort. An animal with incorrect structure or color is termed as "pet quality". Animals with incorrect structure are more likely to experience health concerns, neurological issues, mobility restrictions, or bodily pain. Some examples of incorrect structure faults are:

-Narrow hips: This causes the body cavity to be too shallow, which in turn does not accommodate proper organ function. It also causes pregnancy and birthing complications.

-Poor/thin fur quality: This can result in the rabbit being unable to properly regulate its body temperature. It can also lead to sore hocks.

-Long Shoulders: May cause spinal issues because there is too much strain on the vertebrae.

-Poor chest angulation: If the chest is being more or less than a 45-degree angle, it will prevent the rabbit from being able to exercise or move its front end in complete correspondence with the back end. 

Faults in incorrect or poor structure can be and are often genetic. Breeding animals with poor structure is doing nothing to benefit the breed or the individual animal. 

It is unethical to keep a rabbit with disabling faults such as these. Furthermore, if I were to sell a rabbit with such faults, there would be the possibility of that rabbit being bred irresponsibly by the new owner. That would result in the release of those faults into the rabbit gene pool. That is not a risk I'm willing to take. That's like a dog breeder knowingly selling a dog with hip dyspepsia to a family.  Not only is that dog going to eventually have a life of painful suffering (with costly vet bills to boot), but that would be setting the family up for failure, disappointment, and heartache.  I only want happy, healthy, and comfortable rabbits out in the world. Likewise, I want my buyers to be satisfied with their purchases. If I choose to sell a rabbit as a pet, it's usually only because the rabbit will have a simple color fault.


Reason Number Two: Impulse and irresponsible buyers. Unfortunately, there is a lot of pseudoscience and incorrect "information" on the internet regarding rabbit care. And, for whatever reason, many new pet owners choose to take internet advice over the professional advice of ethical breeders and licensed veterinarians.  Other times, pet buyers don't bother to do any research whatsoever regarding rabbit care before purchasing. And as a result, it's sadly very, very common to see pet rabbits die or become severely ill shortly after living with their new owners. Diet changes, dangerous handling, irresponsible breeding, poor environment, and negligence towards even the most basic care practices are all causes for high mortality rates in pet rabbits. And for whatever reason, many pet owners also think it's a good idea to breed their rabbits; when they have little to no understanding for genetics, improvement, health, and with no idea as to what to do if there are birthing complications, etc. Then they end up with a bunch of babies that they ultimately dump off at a shelter (which only adds to overpopulation numbers and gives good breeders a bad name simply for the fact of breeding). It is also common for new pet owners to suddenly decide they no longer want their rabbit just after a few weeks of ownership due to a loss of interest and poor commitment. And instead of returning it to the breeder where it will have an appropriate and permanent home, they either abandon it out in the wild, dump it off at a shelter, or sell it to some Joe on Craigslist. This forced ignorance and irresponsible behavior is why so many responsible breeders are hesitant to sell to pet homes. 


These situations are not the case with ALL pet owners of course. I've encountered a hand full of extremely upstanding pet rabbit owners over the years. However, as a majority, irresponsible pet ownership is something that I and many other breeders have personally witnessed all too often. With this in mind, please understand that by selling to a pet home, I'm potentially taking a big risk for that rabbit's health and well being.  I'm more willing to sell rabbits to other breeders and 4-H/FFA kids than to pet homes. Why? Because when I sell to another responsible breeder, I know that rabbit is going to a home with someone who is more than prepared and educated in caring for it. I know I can rely on that breeder to stay in touch with me and provide me with updates of that rabbit over the course of it's life. I know that breeder will provide appropriate and correct medical, nutritional, and enrichment support for that rabbit. I know I'll be able to watch that rabbit grow up and progress when I see it being brought to local shows. Rarely, would I ever receive that kind of piece of mind and security selling to a pet home. So, in conclusion, if you want a pet rabbit from me, please be prepared to prove that you are willing, dedicated, and educated in the areas of proper rabbit ownership. Please be prepared to exhibit RESPONSIBLE practices. I only want what is best for my rabbits by ensuring they will be properly taken care of for the entirety of their lives. 

For pet rabbits, you *MUST* submit a Pet Rabbit Application Form and cage set up picture for approval before purchase. 

The form is located at the bottom of this page. 

Considering pet rabbits for children?



  • You can't rely on a child to notice when a rabbit is ill.

  • Older children may lose interest in rabbits as they grow into teenagers - other peer pressure factors being more rewarding.

  • Children will start high school, college or university and school work, socializing etc. will take priority. Since rabbits can leave to around 10 years, if you get a rabbit for your 8-year-old daughter, she may continue to own it into her 20's. Will she be in a different state of mind and housing situation by then?

  • Lax or inconsistent parenting can lead children to not take their responsibilities seriously, thus causing the rabbit to be frequently neglected. You might be buying the rabbit for your child (who may be very good with animals), but please understand that ultimately the rabbit will be the ADULT's responsibility and will rely on YOU (not your children) to give them the 10+ years of love, space, and attention they require.

  • Not all children are gentle, and can easily break a rabbit's back by picking it up incorrectly. Bunnies have fragile bodies and can easily be hurt or suffer from broken bones if mishandled or dropped. A bunny struggling to escape from a child's arms won't realize it may hurt itself by jumping. A quick nip indicates the desire to be put back on the ground - a child's reflex is to scream and drop the rabbit.

  • They don't like noise, whether it be screaming, or children squealing with delight at their new pet, and will run off and hide. Children soon get bored with the pet that "doesn't want to play".

  • Rabbits hate being chased or roughly handled and get stressed easily. This can cause them to bite, become withdrawn or aggressive, or become ill from high-stress levels.

  • Rabbits HATE being picked up! They are prey animals so they like to have their feet firmly on the ground, 99% of rabbits will scratch and kick until they are put back down. They can easily draw blood through no fault or intention of their own.


  • A child often learns valuable lessons about responsibility.

  • They develop compassion by caring and thinking about something other than themselves. A great lesson in benevolence!

  • Children learn the value of hard work, especially when the cage needs to be cleaned

  • They also appreciate that their actions are time sensitive; changing water containers and regular feeding times being especially important.


Sales Policy


  • I have the right to deny any sale at any time. If I feel you are unstable, sketchy, or irresponsible, you're not getting a rabbit from me. 

  • I DO NOT sell to pet stores.

  • Prices vary depending on rabbit age and quality.

  • All prices are firm. If you attempt to low-ball me, even once, I will deny any sales to you. I've invested a great deal of time and money into my rabbits and their prices reflect their quality. Attempting to bargain with a breeder is disrespectful and rude.

  • I accept cash, credit cards, or money orders through PayPal or Square only. I do not accept checks.

  • Show quality and brood quality rabbits will come with a 3 or more generation pedigree and registration (if applicable).

  • Show quality rabbits cannot be guaranteed show results. They are only classified as "Show" because I as the breeder have found no faults in the rabbit that would otherwise deem it as disqualified in the show ring. I cannot determine if a show rabbit may develop faults later in its life, therefore making it unshowable.

  • Brood quality rabbits cannot be guaranteed breeding results. They are only classified as "Brood" because I as the breeder have determined that these rabbits would be best suited to improving production rather than be placed on the show table. These rabbits may have minor color or conformation faults. I cannot determine if a brood rabbit may develop reproduction problems later in its life, as these kinds of issues can have many outside factors that I cannot control.

  • Pet quality rabbits are classified as pets because I as the breeder have determined that they would not be suitable or beneficial for breeding or showing. These rabbits may have color and/or conformation faults. 

  • Pet quality rabbits will not come with a pedigree.

  • Pet quality rabbits will not be permitted showing or breeding rights.

  • All rabbits will come with a care sheet and bag of transition pellets.

  • I usually discourage buyers from purchasing "Easter Bunnies". Most rabbits that are bought for Easter are impulse buys for children. However, most children quickly lose interest once the novelty of that cute, baby Easter bunny fades away and/or they realize the extensive obligations they have towards their pet. That "cute, baby bunny" requires adequate care and attention, and will eventually grow up into an adult animal that will live for ten plus years. If you're looking into being a pet owner, please do all of your research BEFORE purchasing an animal so you know what you're getting into. Ensure that you have the proper knowledge, resources, and time to care for a pet. Understand that you are fully responsible for providing your pet with the best quality of life for as long it lives. Because impulse buyers don't take the time to perform research and exhibit commitment for their pet, most Easter rabbits usually end up abandoned in shelters or dumped in some field to die a slow death. I can not take the risk of selling a rabbit that's only going to have a home for a few weeks and potentially be ill-cared for.

  • If a rabbit is originally sold with a friendly personality, I cannot guarantee that the rabbit’s personality will not change. Though I breed all of my rabbits to be calm and easy going, I cannot control the environment or the treatment they are exposed to once they leave my rabbitry.

  • Air shipment is not available at this time. However, we can recommend national transport groups for out of state buyers. 

  • I do not sell bred Does.

  • I sell on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Rabbits must be obtained at either the rabbitry, a scheduled show event, or public establishment no more than ten miles from my residency. I do not and will not transport rabbits to other locations for sales.

  • I encourage buyers to provide a proper carrier when obtaining a newly purchased rabbit. 

  • All expenses must be paid in full at the time of obtaining a rabbit. Otherwise, the rabbit will not leave my rabbitry.

  • I am willing to make rabbit exchanges with other breeders.

  • Discounts are available for 4-H members, FFA members, and buyers intending to purchase 3 or more rabbits at a time.


  • Rabbits may be put on hold for a non-refundable 50% deposit from the original price.

  • A date, time, and pick up location must be arranged between the buyer and seller BEFORE a holding deposit is made.

  • Rabbits will be held for no longer than 7 days once the deposit has been received (unless I advertise delivery to a specific show or otherwise discussed location/date with the buyer).

  • Rabbits on hold will be considered the property of Obsidian Rabbitry until they have been paid for in full and the buyer has removed the rabbit from my property.

  • Holding deposits must be received by the seller no later than 2 days after the buyer has notified me that they wish to place a holding deposit. No exceptions.  If you are not financially prepared and fully serious about obtaining a rabbit, please do not contact me. It is a waste of time for both me and those who are patiently sitting on my waiting lists.

  • Deposits are nonrefundable, save for the only two exceptions seen below-

  • (1) The first exception to a refundable deposit is if the selected rabbit should die while in my care. In which case, the potential buyer may choose to obtain a full cash refund or switch their holding deposit to another rabbit of equal value. 

  • (2) The second exception is if I should choose for whatever reason to deny the sale of the rabbit(s) after a deposit has been placed, then I will refund that deposit with cash, or I MAY allow the buyer to switch their deposit to another rabbit of equal value. 

  • Rabbits must be obtained on the day and time that has been pre-designated for pick up. I will wait no longer than 30 minutes after that scheduled time for the buyer to arrive. If the buyer does not arrive on time or provide notice of a late arrival, all payments will be lost and the sale will be canceled. I understand unforeseen circumstances can arise, however failing to appear due to laziness or negligence is not acceptable. I have a highly busy schedule and have more productive responsibilities to devote my attention to than wasting time pointlessly waiting around for someone to show up. When you set up an appointment with me, that ensures you receive adequate time to have all questions/concerns fully answered and a chance to completely look over your sale rabbits.

Buyer Expectations:

  • Once a rabbit has been paid for in full, all expenses are the sole responsibility of the buyer. This includes any medical occurrences.

  • I highly encourage buyers to have their newly purchased rabbit checked by a licensed vet no later than 24 hours after purchase.

  • I do not give refunds if anything should happen to the rabbit after purchase. Once no longer in my care, I cannot control the health or safety of the rabbit.

  • Buyers are required to provide the proper care and treatment for their newly purchased rabbit. If the buyer has any questions regarding rabbit management, they are more than welcome to contact me for advice.

  • If at any point after purchase a buyer is no longer able to care for a rabbit, they MUST bring the rabbit back to my rabbitry. No refunds will be given.  If I find out that the rabbit was taken to a shelter, pet store, or simply dumped off somewhere in the wild, legal actions will be taken. I want to ensure that my rabbits will have a safe, caring, and permanent home at any point in their life. 

  • First-time rabbit owners will be given an informational care sheet at the time of purchase.

  • Buyers must be 18 or older to purchase rabbits. Otherwise, they must be accompanied by their legal guardian.

  • I encourage buyers to educate themselves as much as possible about rabbit behavior and care BEFORE making a purchase.

  • I encourage buyers to provide their newly purchased rabbits plenty of exercise time and to not keep them cooped up in a cage 24/7. All of my rabbits are accustomed to getting exercise and enrichment time outside of their cages. Denying them their right to exercise and adjusting their lifestyle could alter their personalities and health.

  • I encourage pet buyers to spay/neuter their rabbits to prevent ailments and unwanted overpopulation of pet rabbits.

  • Buyers are not be permitted to alter or otherwise falsify any paperwork that is sent home with the rabbit. 

My Guarantee:

  • My rabbits will be healthy to the best of my knowledge at the time of leaving our property

  • My rabbits will have a clean, groomed coat, and trimmed nails before going to their new homes

  • I will not sell any rabbit if it has any known ailments.

  • I will provide full disclosure to buyers before a purchase for any known faults a rabbit may have

  • I will provide contact information, support, advice, and personal consultation to the new owner for the life of the rabbit.

Available Rabbits

We produce mini rex in the following color varieties;

Black, Blue, Chocolate, Rex, Lynx, Broken, Sable, Castor, Smoke Pearl, Tri, Chinchilla, Black Tan, Harlequin, Tort, Otter, Magpie, Himi, Silver Marten, and BEW.

  Please contact us if you're interested in any of the below animals. We are are more than happy to answer any questions or send further details upon request.

Rabbits are priced based on structural quality, temperament, and color. 

Brood quality prices range from $$50-$65

Show quality prices range from $65-$200

Pet quality prices range from $40-$50

For pet rabbits, you *MUST* submit a Pet Rabbit Application Form and cage set up picture for approval before purchase. 

The form is located at the bottom of this page. 

Statuses are kept up to date and explain:

"Available": The rabbit is still available to purchase

"Hold": Someone has expressed interest in the rabbit and has already placed a deposit on it

"Sold": Rabbit has been paid for in full and now has a new home

(Click on the image to see a larger version. Feel free to request more photos of any rabbits you're interested in.)



Brood only. Excellent color with plenty rufus. Throws large litters. Good mother. False dwarf, so she's on the large size.



Mini Red





3 years






Obsidian's Chopper

Show Quality. Excellent head, mid section, and depth. A little pinched in the rear. Good ears. Proven breeder.



Mini Rex

Broken Chocolate Otter




2 years







Pet or brood quality. Very sweet and friendly. Still fertile and usable as brood if desired. Throws compact kits with good color.   Will not come with pedigree. I wish we could keep him, however he has outproduced himself and we need the cage space for future generations.



Mini Rex





6 years





Pet Rabbit Application

If you are interested in a pet rabbit, please contact us on Facebook. You must copy and paste the below form into your message with your answers. You must also include a picture of the full cage set up in which your pet rabbit will live in.


Failing to fill out this application AND provide a picture will result in immediate denial. After we have received the application and picture, we will let you know if you qualify for purchasing a pet rabbit from us.


  • Are you at least 18 years of age?

  • Do you currently rent or own your home?

  • Is this an impulse purchase?

  • Is this rabbit a present for someone else?

  • Why are you interested in purchasing a rabbit?

  • Who will be the primary care giver of your rabbit?

  • Have you owned rabbits before?

  • If yes, please include details about those rabbits (breed, how long you've had them, where they came from, etc.)

  • What will you feed your rabbit (please be specific on brands and include both daily diet, amounts, and treats)?

  • What will you house your rabbit in (please be specific on brands and dimensions)?

  • How often will you clean the rabbit's cage?

  • What type of bedding or liner will you use in the cage?

  • Will your rabbit be kept inside or outside?

  • If you rabbit is outside, will it have protection from wind, direct sunlight, and exposure from extreme temperatures?

  • Is anyone in your household allergic to fur, animal feces/urine, hay, or wood shavings/bedding?

  • What will you do with the rabbit if you are no longer able or willing to keep it?

  • Do you understand that rabbits will kick, scratch, and bite?

  • Are you planning to move sometime in the future? If so, will you take your rabbit with you?

  • Are you planning to expand you family in the future? If so, will you still have time and energy to care for your rabbit?

  • Do you understand that house rabbits will dig in carpet and chew on furniture or electrical wires?

  • If you intend to allow your rabbit to have free roam of your house, what will you do to rabbit proof everything?

  • If you have children, do they understand that rabbits are fragile and should be handled gently and with supervision?

  • Do you have any other pets that could harm your rabbit?

  • Do you agree to NOT breed your rabbit?

  • Do you agree to spay or neuter your rabbit if medically possible?

  • Do you agree to return the rabbit to us if you can no longer keep it?

  • Do you agree to take your rabbit to the vet at the first sign of illness or injury?

  • If you intend to keep multiple rabbits together, do you understand that there is no guaranteed that all rabbits will get along with each other? 

  • If you get a young rabbit, do you understand that when they reach sexual maturity, they may become aggressive and territorial?

  • Do you understand that some rabbits will spray urine, and therefore may require extra routine care to keep their cage/environment clean?​

  • If you rent, please provide the name and number of your landlord:

  • Please provide the name and number for the licensed exotic vet that you plan to use for your rabbit:

  • Did you read the entire sales policy?

  •  Do you agree to follow and abide by the terms of the sales policy? (please state your full legal first name, full legal last name, and date)