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"Producers of show quality mini rex, purveyors of rabbit science, & advocates for responsible husbandry practices."

Welcome to Obsidian Rabbitry.  We are an ARBA licensed facility specializing in the overall perfection and improvement of the mini rex rabbit breed. 


 I have raised rabbits on and off since 1997. Over the years,  I developed an interest in studying rabbit physiology, nutrition, pathology, and genetics. I made it my goal to not only exceed ARBA standards but to advance general understandings of rabbit husbandry and production.  My many years of acquired information have culminated into this website to effectively encourage and empower rabbit owners and raisers with the importance of responsible rabbit care. 


Obsidian Rabbitry prides itself in producing rabbits of superior hardiness, solid structure, and friendly personality. Each breeding is meticulously selected to create animals that best represent the standard of perfection, concentrating heavily on health, conformation, and temperament above all else. I maintain a very small herd, allowing me undeviating attention to every component of our breeding program.  Quality before quantity is held in high regard.


One aspect of maintaining consistent soundness in my rabbits, means meeting their nutritional requirements. I supply unique blends of feed to provide acceptable performance of neonatal, growing, finishing and breeding stage animals.


Mental enrichment is also a priority for my program. All of my rabbits are bred to have calm, affectionate, and individual personalities. With daily handling, interactions with other animals, and outdoor play pens, they receive abundant attention and mental stimulation. This sequentially makes them eager for interaction and extraordinarily easy to handle. They are very complacent and friendly when being grooming, posed on the show table, or simply being cuddled.  Because of their amiable nature, they make exceptional companions and stock for any rabbit enthusiast.



One of the main purposes of this site is to bring together as fully and objectively as possible all of the available published scientific data regarding rabbit husbandry. This is in order to provide an educational source to new and already existing rabbit owners.  The aim is to exemplify an unbiased and diplomatic approach to the methods of raising rabbits.


I have intended this site to be a part of the contribution and development of various breeding programs. You can be guaranteed that these pages will be continuously updated with the latest research regarding rabbit care and sciences. 

Show Quality Mini Rex

We focus on producing mini rex in the following color varieties; Black, Blue, Chocolate, Rex, Lynx, Broken, Sable, Castor, Smoke Pearl, Tri, Chinchilla, Black Tan, Harlequin, Tort, Otter, Magpie, Himi, Silver Marten, and BEW


Whether you are searching for show, brood, or pet quality animals, we have something perfect for you. I would be more than happy to help you pick out a particular rabbit to best compliment the needs of both you and your herd. 


Be sure to read over the sales policies before you consider a purchase.


We are proud to be an integral aspect to new mini rex color varieties in development. 


Our current focus is upon the tans in accordance and guidance with Dr. Roush and a handful of other dedicated breeders spread across the United States.

The tans should exemplify the tan breed coloration. Presentations will take place at conventions over the next few years.

We are excited to be in the process of producing consistent and striking color in these rabbits. 


We are proud members of the below national and local clubs.

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